What people are saying about boxlocal...

“We have always looked to provide our key clients with a thank you gift at Xmas for working with us; in the past we have spent a lot of time and energy trying to source something unique that would leave a lasting impression on our clients. As with any business you are always striving to differentiate yourself from the competition and sending out a gift is really not straightforward at all! That’s why we have been so delighted with the solutions that boxlocal did for us last year. We have clients up and down the UK so to be able to send them a gift that represented the area we are based in was genuinely unique – and the hugely positive feedback from our clients highlighted this”

Rob Vivian, PureComms CEO

“boxlocal was a great way to show our customers how much we appreciated working with them throughout the year. As most of our customers are London based, receiving a gift of Bristol goodies was really unique and made a fantastic impression. Kate was efficient and pulled out all the stops to make sure our gifts got to our customers in time for the Christmas break, we would highly recommend!”

Corrie Lee, Head of Marketing, Digital Forge

“What a delight to receive as a birthday present. I absolutely loved my boxlocal, so much so that it has inspired me to buy them as new home, new job, birthday gifts for friends. The products inside are well sourced and the different combinations available to create a truly bespoke gift are second to none.  I have and will continue to recommend boxlocal to everyone!”

Sally Hobbs

“I ordered a last minute gift box from boxlocal for a male relative, who I was struggling to buy for.  Not only did boxlocal manage to sort out the delivery (hand delivered to my door!) within 24 hours, it was a delightful box of treats.  The box was already sealed when I received it, so I had to wait for the recipient to open it before I could see the actual products themselves but he was suitably wowed!  Turned out to be a super thoughtful gift, even though I'd left it to the last minute. One that I would gladly receive myself!
Thank you Kate for helping me in my hour of need.” ​

Dominique Edwards