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Meet our fabulous local partners

  • Bristol 6 O'Clock Gin

    6 O'Clock Gin

    Thornbury, Bristol

    6 O’clock Gin is a range of strikingly smooth artisan gins, handcrafted in small batches, using traditional skills and only the best natural ingredients.
    The name was inspired by their long-held family tradition of indulging in a G&T at 6 o’clock; a custom still enjoyed at the distillery and shared by gin-lovers all over the world.

  • Ahloki Candles Bristol

    Ahloki Candles

    Emersons Green, Bristol

    Ahloki is a home fragrance brand born in Bristol, inspired by a passion for eco-friendly fragrances that reveal a personal story. Ahloki's ethos is strong on using sustainable, natural and safe ingredients in our products. The candles are made out of 100% natural plant-wax and infused with delicate fragrance oils. Ahloki Fragrances are uplifting, modern and elegant, but most important, scented candles with a clean, nontoxic burn.

  • Bristol Wine Gift

    Aldwick Estate Wines

    Redhill, North Somerset

    Aldwick Estate is the largest Vineyard in Somerset producing national and international award winning English wine. The Estate has been in the family for 5 generations and is still family run. Throughout the year, the vines receive personal attention: hand-pruned in the winter, hand-tended throughout the spring and summer, hand-harvested in autumn. Aldwick wine is Vegan friendly.

  • Bristol Box Local

    Bradleys Drinks

    Hewish, North Somerset

    Bradley's Juice is a family run business, producing outstanding English juices at Box Bush farm in rural Somerset. Bradley’s specialise in producing the most fantastic single variety apple juice using only the very best hand picked apples. The juice is made in small batches and pressed at Box Bush Farm using traditional methods of production. Bradley’s believe the fruit they use is what you should taste so they never add any chemicals, preservatives or concentrates - the drinks are all natural.

  • Bristol Tea

    Bristol Tea Company

    Easton, Bristol

    The Bristol Tea Company offers a selection of the finest organic loose leaf teas from around the world. They source direct from small farms and estates in India and Sri Lanka - getting to know those who grow, produce and trade the tea. Appreciating their knowledge, skills and dedication as well as the challenges of creating excellent tea is an essential part of the Bristol Tea Company’s journey.

  • Box Local Bristol

    Dunleavy Wines

    Wrington, North Somerset

    Dunleavy Vineyards were planted by owner and manager Ingrid Bates. Having found her true vocation, she began planning and saving and finally planted her own vineyard in 2008 at the tender age of 28. Dunlevay are located in the heart of the beautiful Chew Valley in Somerset, just outside Bristol. Combining passion, sustainable agricultural practices and the latest viticultural techniques, Dunleavy produce multi-award winning rosé wine from their Pinot noir and Seyval blanc grapes.

  • Bristol Gin Gift

    Circumstance Distillery

    Central Bristol

    An English distillery in Bristol specialising in organic grains and long fermentations, considered to be ""Britain's most innovative distillery" (- Master of Malt)"". They are very proud of their flavoursome new makes and as such some releases are considerably "younger" than traditional whiskies or grain spirits. Circumstance believe it's ready when it's ready.

  • Bristol Chocolate Gift

    Choco Loco

    Bedminster, Bristol

    Bespoke chocolate gifts they won't forget in a hurry! Choco Loco was born in Bristol in 2015 by Emily out of a life-long obsession with chocolate and a desire to not only work with what she loves but to share this love with the people around her. Handmade truffles is where it all started many years ago and look at where she is now, a company and collection of divine Belgian chocolate creations with absolutely iconic messages that are sold across the world!

  • Bristol Box Local Cider

    Ganley and Naish

    Kenn, North Somerset

    Ganley and Naish Cider was founded in 2011 by two friends, Steve and Andy in a back garden in Totterdown. Ganley and Naish champion elements that are important to consumers now, like sustainability, provenance, terroir, organic as well as being vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. This is their USP and they go to great lengths to promote it and protect it. They are one of only a few cider makers in the UK to tell people, openly, what is in their cider, which speaks volumes!

  • Bristol Gingerbeard Preserve

    Gingerbeard's Preserves

    Kingswood, Bristol

    Based in Bristol, and headed up by Harry and Claire, GingerBeard’s Preserves are all about making awesome tasting, award winning craft preserves. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure quality, using no artificial preservatives, pectins or gelling agents. Gingerbeard’s love playing around with ingredients, in particular where collaborations are concerned, and their sauces, chutneys, pickles and more are forged to complement cuisines from around the world.

  • Bristol Godminster Cheese

    Godminster Cheese

    Bruton, Somerset

    Godminster was born of a passion for organic farming and wildlife conservation. Ever since Richard Hollingbery bought Godminster Farm in 1993, he and his team have been pursuing an environmentally friendly and ethical approach to farming. With 1300 acres of beautiful landscape, the farm is home to 320 organic dairy cows. It also boasts fruitful orchards filled with a variety of delicious fruits and herbs which inspired many of the Godminster products.

  • Bristol Skin Care Products

    Grace and Hartland

    North Somerset

    Created by the Clifton family in 2018, this venture began when Sheila developed an interest in creating natural skin care products suitable for her sensitive skin that didn’t cost a fortune. With the support and skills of their significant others they formed a small family team - Grace & Hartland. Following many long discussions and experiments with formulations they created Grace & Hartland’s unique recipes.

  • Left Handed Giant Bristol

    Left Handed Giant

    Central Bristol

    In 2014, a man named Rich Poole walked into Small Bar, Bristol, and handed some beer over to Bruce Gray and Jack Granger. This began a brewing journey that started on a 200L kit through the back of that same bar, before developing into a cuckoo brewery operation known as Left Handed Giant. Left Handed Giant now have three premises across the city and make a variety of styles from their sites in the heart of the city.

  • Lost and Grounded Bristol

    Lost and Grounded Brewery

    Central Bristol

    Lost and Grounded Brewers is a brewery in Bristol, UK, established in July 2016. They are particularly fascinated by the precision of German brewing and the idiosyncratic nature of Belgian beers, and chose the brewhouse of their dreams that could help them make these wonders of fermentation. this Bristol brewer gained an instant reputation for being one of the best in the UK. With Alex Troncoso and Annie Clements at the helm it was never going to be bad.

  • Bristol Drinks Gift

    Lovely Drinks

    Barrow Gurney, Bristol

    Based in Barrow Gurney, Lovely Drinks produce an award-winning range of decidedly delicious, naturally-made soft drinks. Their mission is to produce the best, most refreshing soft drinks possible using the highest quality ingredients, sourced in the UK wherever possible, including handpicked elderflowers, whole lemons and pressed English fruits and flowers.

  • Box Local Bristol

    Naughtons Skincare

    Clevedon, North Somerset

    Alexandra Naughton had a passion for all things botanical that grew into wanting to know more about the properties of plants and how to incorporate that into something that would be beneficial to use. Naughtons use only the highest quality natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce, and we are committed to staying at a price point that remains accessible to our customers.

  • Bristol Brewery

    New Bristol Brewery

    St Pauls, Bristol

    New Bristol Brewery is a small, but daring, brewery located slap bang in the middle of Bristol. Owned and operated by, husband and wife team, Noel and Maria. They believe independent beer is not just an industry, it is a family, a community and a revolution. Together they brew, bottle, clean, sell and deliver everything – they love what they do and they love the support they get from our beloved city!

  • Bristol Gift Box

    Ooh Chocolata

    Nailsea, North Somerset

    Ooh! Chocolata is a Nailsea based family firm who have one simple mission: To make chocolate bars and treats for everyone to enjoy!
    Back in 2011, Ruth and Ian sold their businesses (food and flowers, since you ask), pooled their resources, had a baby and drove up to the Arctic Circle for inspiration. Fast forward 10 years and Ooh! Chocolata has grown to be a household name in the South West.

  • Bristol Box Local Gift Box

    Pistachio Provenance


    After a holiday in Greece snacking on the best pistachios they had ever tasted, Jane and her family made it their mission to find the best pistachio nut the world had to offer. Finding their perfect partners in the form of a co-operative of growers in Greece, Jane and her family went about creating a brand and presence with standout simplicity, a trust in ingredients and ethical awareness. The result is the deliciously moreish pistachio provenance.

  • Pulpt Cider Box Local Bristol

    Pulpt Cider

    Hewish, North Somerset

    Working in the corporate world, Al and Jim hatched their escape route over lunch. They watched the excitement of the craft beer revolution and felt they had to do something. So they set about creating real ciders for the generation of drinkers who give a shit. PULPT was born – an independent craft cider-maker that exploits the best cidermaking techniques, using modern equipment and a flair for experimenting. PULPT’s aim is to give everyone the best cider experience possible.

  • Bristol Fashion Gin

    Shipshape and Bristol Fashion Gin

    Long Ashton, Bristol

    Shipshape and Bristol Fashion was lovingly born in a kitchen in Long Ashton in 2018. Inspired by Katie’s love of all things maritime- unruly pirates, the sights and sounds of the docks, the craft of ship making and the scent of the sea. Carefully sourced for quality and providence, ingredients such as wild honey from Flax Bourton and local botanicals grown in Somerset come together in perfect harmony to create unexpected loveliness.

  • Bristol Box Local

    Somerset Charcuterie

    Wrington, North Somerset

    Andy & James have been hobby charcutiers for several years. Andy grew up on a pig farm and James is a member of a small village cooperative of 6 families who raise livestock. Over a pint of cider at a local lawn-mower race (this is Somerset!), the idea for a quality British Charcuterie business was conceived. At Somerset Charcuterie we believe in embracing traditional Italian and Spanish methods combined with some of the fantastic flavours and rich food culture of the West Country.

  • Bristol Box Local

    Step and Stone

    Knowle, Bristol

    Step and Stone was founded by two Janes – Jane Kippax and Jane Chong – like-minded friends who met through being mothers of children (Lottie and James) with Down Syndrome. Their Bristol-based bakery, makes handmade lavosh flatbreads with a social purpose. They work with young people with learning disabilities, helping to develop their skills and confidence so they can eventually find employment in the mainstream catering world. All of their profits are ploughed straight back into the bakery.

  • Cheddar Gorge Cheese Bristol

    The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

    Cheddar, Somerset

    The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co. have been making traditional cheddar cheese in Cheddar, the birthplace of this world-famous cheese since 2003. Using only fresh local unpasteurised milk, they preserve the original character of their namesake. That is, they only make true, authentic Cheddar, in the heart of Somerset. Their cheese straws contain more cheese (min 37%) than any other cheese straw available in the UK today.

  • Bristol Coffee Wogan

    Wogan Coffee

    Central Bristol

    Since they first opened their doors in 1970, coffee has been in their blood. Now in their third generation of coffee fanatics, Wogan Coffee are proud to still be Bristol’s independent roasted of speciality, ethical, Organic and Fairtrade coffees. Using ethical sourcing methods such as Direct Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance for our raw coffee, we are helping to change the lives of coffee growers all over the world, ensuring fair payment for their exceptional products.

  • Zara's Chocolates

    Zara's Chocolates

    Southville, Bristol

    After completing the École Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Programme and equipped with a broad knowledge of the history of chocolate and the means by which to create her own, Zara began experimenting in her home kitchen. Opening a chocolate shop on North Street, Southville in 2013 gave Zara a solid base from which to grow her business. Zara’s Chocolates has become renowned for producing consistently excellent chocolate and innovative flavour combinations.

  • Dona B Drawings

    Dona B Drawings

    Central Bristol

    Artist Donna B is just crazy about drawing buildings! Donna trained as a spatial designer and worked for an interior design team for 4 years so her creative background is definitely in buildings and our experiences relating to them. Using her architectural drawing and graphic design skills she offers a range of image styles using local landmarks, holiday destinations or your own home to produce unique prints, gifts and homewares.

  • The Spicery

    The Spicery

    Central Bristol

    In a market in Marrakesh, James Ransome had his 'lightbulb moment' - and in 2005 the Spicery was born. Now, these delicious boxes are sent all over the world, introducing people to new ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques The Spicery develop and test all the recipes in a big kitchen at the Spicery HQ, in Bristol, where they eat curry for lunch almost every day! Then we grind and blend the spices in small batches just before sending them, so you always get to enjoy them at their best.

  • Kate BT

    Kate BT

    Central Bristol

    After studying design at University, Kate went on to teach Art and Design for a number of years in the wider Bristol area. After becoming a mum in 2020, she enjoys spending half an hour when she can, developing her fledgling Bristol range. Starting with her now signature Bristol balloon print last Summer; the range now features a number of smaller complimentary items clebrating Bristol’s best loved landmarks - perfect for a gift box.

  • Bakesmiths


    Central Bristol

    Bakesmiths was founded in Spring 2016 by Tom Batlle and Mike Thorne, two of the team behind the successful Cakesmiths Bakery in St Phillips. Cakesmiths have been supplying the highest quality handmade cakes, traybakes and traycakes to coffee shops across the UK. Their team of craft bakers make all our cakes entirely by hand with no jiggery pokery or sneaky additives. They are also the proud winners of numerous Great Taste Awards.

  • Mr Filbert's

    Mr Filberts


    Filbert’s Fine Foods has been tempting the taste buds of fine food aficionados far and wide since 2010, winning over 40 taste and food industry awards along the way. Based in the Westcountry, Mr Filberts use local suppliers, ensuring the very best quality and provenance of their ingredients, from local hand foraged wild garlic, regional sea salts, to locally produced honey, chillies and herbs.

  • Cocoa Libre

    Cocoa Libre

    Yatton, North Somerset

    Cocoalibre’s story began in a small kitchen of a mum whose little boys developed a dairy-intolerance. From that small beginning they have developed into a strong and growing team (a mum’s co-operative if you will!) at their dedicated allergen-free facility in North Somerset. Cocoalibre create high quality products that don’t sacrifice the taste or sense of indulgence. We challenge you to try it!

  • Two Farmers Crisps

    Two Farmers


    Truly passionate about the Herefordshire countryside that has enabled them to grow award-winning potatoes, founders Sean and Mark met one night for a pint of local beer and a packet of crisps. They hatched out a plan of how to honour and celebrate these potatoes and that night the Two Farmers brand was born. They grow, harvest, store, cook and pack their crisps in compostable packaging.

  • Raphael's Deli Products

    Raphael's Deli Products


    Based in Bath, Raphael’s Deli Products was put together after 25 years of experience in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry in Mediterranean countries. Following their Greek roots, they source the very best in quality Mediterranean food and strongly believe in the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, being both healthy and promoting longevity.

  • The Leafy Tea Company

    The Leafy Tea Company


    April started the leafy tea company in 2016 with an aim to mix great quality ingredients with a healthy and eco-friendly ethos to create this artisan tea house. She started with scooping tea into self-seal tea bags and 5 years on now supplies tea internationally to a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and shops.

  • True Start Coffee


    Central Bristol

    TrueStart are a Bristol-based startup and one of the fastest growing young drinks brands in the UK. TrueStart like to challenge how things are done, and their vision is to become the number one coffee choice for their generation, with products that win you over with not only with uniquely incredible taste, but their energy, ethics and provenance too. TrueStart are bringing a festival mindset to the every day.

  • Nania's Vineyard

    Nania's Vineyard

    Montpelier, Bristol

    Nania’s Vineyard was planted as a passion project by documentary cameraman James Bayliss-Smith and Shelley Nania. They planted a small vineyard on their allotment behind their family home in Montpelier, right in the heart of Bristol. They bought a truckload of English grapes from a lovely little vineyard in sunny Essex (Sandyford Vineyard) and have produced a fine rosé wine which they've blended into a Spritzer.

  • Arbor Ales

    Arbor Ales

    Easton, Bristol

    Arbor Ales have been brewing beer in the fine city of Bristol since early 2007. Never shying away from trying out new ideas, they have an extensive back catalogue of recipes covering a vast array of styles and ABV’s. Though all different in their own way, they were all born out of a desire to make beer that they are proud of and importantly, that they really want to drink themselves.

  • Twisted Oak

    Twisted Oak

    Wrington, North Somerset

    The award winning Twisted Oak Brewery is a small but beautifully formed micro-brewery based just outside of Wrington in North Somerset.
    They use traditional brewing techniques & 100% renewable energy to create both modern craft and traditional brews.
    The brewery is owned and run by Keith and Deb Hayles and Simon Gait

  • Bristol Distilling Company

    Bristol Distilling Company

    Bedminster, Bristol

    In 2018 BDC built out their distillery site and in May bottled their very first batch of London Dry Gin. At the first time of asking, BDC’s gin picked up an award at the IWSC and they began to pick up local on and off-trade listings in Bristol. Impatient, and driven by a passion for their products to be enjoyed by the widest possible audience, they pitched successfully to Europe's largest grocer.

  • Cadbury Alpacas Socks

    Cadbury Alpacas

    Cadbury Camp, North Somerset

    Twenty minutes from Bristol Suspension Bridge, Cadbury Alpacas is a small private alpaca farm situated at the foot of the Iron Age hill fort Cadbury Camp in North Somerset. Their journey here started in 2012 when they bought 3 female yearling alpacas for their small paddock as family-friendly pets and fluffy lawnmowers rolled into one. That was it …they were completely hooked!

  • Padg Made

    Padg Made

    Victoria Park, Bristol

    Vibrant colourful handmade items, that do good for the world too. When Nate & Paige started padg they decided early on that they wanted the things they made to have an extra purpose and be a vehicle for positive change in the local environment. To do this they include a small amount of wild flower seeds with everything padg made and actively encourage all our customers to start their own pollinator havens at home.

  • Stokes Croft China

    Stokes Croft China

    Stokes Croft, Bristol

    Stokes Croft China is a small independent business in Stokes Croft, an area in the heart of Bristol which has always resisted convention - a cultural quarter with a thriving street art scene and strong political ideals. The revenue generated by Stokes Croft China directly funds the community activism and activities of PRSC, such as the outdoor gallery and mural wall, the School of Activism, a radio station, youth workshops, support for local rough sleepers, and the Stokes Croft Food Project.

  • Melanie Wickham

    Melanie Wickham

    Chessels, Bristol

    Melanie Wickham is a lino printer based in Bristol. Melanie trained as an Illustrator, graduating in 1997 and has been carving out lino hares, cats, spiders, plants and otters ever since. Melanie’s printmaking is based on drawings she makes which are then transferred onto the lino block, carved out, before inking up and hand burnishing the back of the paper to create a print. Melanie works in limited editions, with each lino print being titled, numbered and signed on the front.

  • Fika Bristol

    Fika Bristol

    Southville, Bristol

    Elin set up Fika Bristol in 2011 with her three Swedish friends - to share their love of baking and the tradition of Fika across Bristol. Fika is the Swedish tradition of a social coffee break which is usually accompanied with sweet treats - a time to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. After the four ladies returned to work following maternity leave, Elin made Fika her solo project and it has grown from strength to strength!

  • Jenny Urquhart

    Jenny Urquhart


    Jenny is a Bristol-based artist, best known for her colourful and contemporary pictures of cities, coastal scenes and animals. Bristol is her favourite city in the world, and her cheerful paintings of hot air balloons, floating over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, are instantly recognisable. Jenny started painting in 2010, after a 10 year career as a Biology teacher, and since then her vibrant work has featured in galleries all around the South West.

  • Wiper and True

    Wiper and True

    St Werburghs, Bristol

    The team at Wiper and True first fell in love with brewing on the stove at home, surrounded by pots, pans and raw ingredients. Tinkering endlessly, they studied the ancient art of their vocation. Nomadically brewing around the country, they learned from fantastically generous, knowledgeable artisans, honing our craft along the way. They now operate out of St Werburghs, Bristol, which is where they focus on our core range of beers, constantly refining the recipes to bring you an ever evolving, perfect pour.

  • Yumello


    Redland, Bristol

    Omar and Esther met trekking through the Atlas mountains steeped in Berber culture and tradition. Just over a decade after they first crossed trails, they founded Yumello, in Redland Bristol, to celebrate the Berbers’ game-changing approach to food. The Berbers don’t like to complicate things. They harness pure and simple ingredients to create bold and unexpected flavour combinations — ones you never knew you needed, but you’re darn glad you found.

  • Made by Ilze

    Made by Ilze

    Fishponds, Bristol

    Ilze is originally from sunny Cape Town but now resident in Bristol, a city which provides a lot of her inspiration. Ilze’s designs are bold and colourful, and often influenced by her African heritage. All her designs are originated by herself, using combinations of drawing, painting and design software. Ilze is very particular about the quality and provenance of her products - everything is printed and made in the UK with eco-friendly and natural materials, and ethically sourced wherever possible.

  • Filomena Handmade Design

    Filomena Handmade Design


    Featuring in publications, such as Vogue, Filomena is a bold and bespoke brand inspired by the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of Italian design. It all started when Sophie couldn’t find a style that she was looking for - so she taught herself how to make her own earrings. The result was a handcrafted bespoke line of empowering statement jewellery, creating a range of custom and unique styles that are making an impact in the slow fashion scene.

  • Delicate and Dainty

    Delicate and Dainty


    Delicate and Dainty is run by Becky or ‘B’ out of her home in Kingswood, Bristol. The main aim at D&D is to create designs that not only portray the wonderful world around us but also to make little pieces of joy to treasure throughout the growing years. When it comes to inspiration, Cornwall plays a massive part. From the rugged coastline to the delicate countryside B tries to incorporate the best of both worlds. So if you're a forest explorer or an ocean dweller, there's sure to be something for you.

  • Three Choirs Vineyard

    Three Choirs Vineyard

    Newent, Gloucestershire

    Three Choirs has developed a unique process of growing modern grape varieties side by side with world-renowned grapes, such as Pinot Noir and Muller Thurgau. Today, nestled in the Forest of Dean and boasting an impressive 30 hectares of beautiful vineyards, Three Choirs is recognised as one of the largest commercial wineries in England; along with being the first English vineyard to be awarded a Gold medal at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, France.


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